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Lisa Palumbo

Kids Club Director
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Lisa is the youngest of four siblings all born within five years of each other. Both her parents were teachers who moved to Northern California from North Dakota after they were married. Lisa was raised with Midwest values, a splash of California liberalism and a heart for adventure and a desire to learn.

There was lots of movement as she grew up. Her father was always introducing her to a new sport while her mother corrected her grammar. Her father’s adventures took her from climbing Mt. Whitney at age ten to camping on the beaches of Mexico, and taking every possible route during the summer back to North Dakota for twelve years in a car without air conditioning! (Death Valley at 120 degrees was not a favorite route!) The adventures were never ending. Her mother preferred a good book to read during it all.

Lisa’s father died suddenly in a car accident when she was fourteen years old. God’s hand was on Lisa as she had accepted Christ at twelve years old and was active in her church. Getting through High School was tough, but she found that the organization Young Life gave her a center and she thrived with God and sports.

Her college years were spent at Chico State. She majored in Physical Education with a teaching emphasis and a business minor. After college she moved to San Francisco and became a personal trainer in Marin County, where she met and married her husband Mike in 1991. Mike is from New Jersey (he has connections!) and works in the tech industry. They moved here in 1998 via Japan then L.A where they lived for six years. They are proud parents of three wonderful children: Chase, Mack and Maya. Their kids, like their grandparent and parents, enjoy movement, adventure and learning.

Lisa’s story continues with her job here at WestGate Church; another adventure and high point in her life!

What was your first paying job?
When I was eleven years old I was tall for my age and my older sister gave me one of her babysitting jobs. It was for another eleven year old. She thought I was older and I never said how old I was – awkward!

What is the strangest food you have ever had?
I lived in Japan with my husband after we were married and ate a fish that had been prepared that was fresh. So fresh that the fish was served to us while it was still breathing as we ate the meat of it (hard to eat something when it is looking at you).

What do you love the smell of?
Dill. It reminds me of gardens and I love to garden.

What is the first concert you went to see?
When I was in high school I saw Eddy Money (dating myself) with the little band that opened for them, Santana – way fun!

What are you most afraid of?
Frogs and bugs that are more than two inches long (because I can’t squish them with my feet).

What is your favorite condiment?
Salsa – especially Mango Salsa.

How far would you go to save $50?
I love a good coupon hunt. Living Social and Groupon is so dangerous for me I limit my views on those emails. Savings, buy it! I get caught up in the “Oh, Ah” of the savings and then realize I don’t need another Lama purse from Gingers Unique Boutique. So I am a recovering coupon-a-holic. Though I did just get a great deal on Paintballing - anyone want to go? (Pray for me).

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